What is new in RPE 1.1.2 – Overview

RPE 1.1.2 brings enhancements in several areas. This is an overview of the main changes and I will provide details on some of them in subsequent posts. See What is new in this release in the RPE infocenter for additional information.

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RPE Licenses – Tips&Tricks

Checking RPE license consumption

Checking how many RPE licenses are consumed and by whom can be done on Windows with this script:

set RKL_HOME=D:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\RationalRLKS\common
"%RKL_HOME%\lmutil" lmstat -c 19353@LICENSE_SERVER -f rpe_publish

Adjust the values of RKL_HOME, LICENSE_PORT and  LICENSE_SERVER to match your installation.

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RRC upgraded to RRDG 1.1.2

RRC has been upgraded to use RRDG 1.1.2. This brings 2 major changes to the integration:

  • templates created with the latest RPE version can be used – until now the embedded RRDG could only use templates created with RPE 1.1.1 and older. This also means that an RRC user can take advantage of all the new features available in RRDG 1.1.2 when designing templates
  • a RPE license is no longer needed to run custom reports

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