OSLC and Reporting

OSLC stands for Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration .

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (also known as OSLC or Open Services) is a community and set of specifications for Linked Lifecycle Data. The community’s goal is to help product and software delivery teams by making it easier to use lifecycle tools in combination.

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Understand the Reportable APIs

One of the key aspects in creating a successful report with RPE  is a good understanding of the problem domain and the reportable API used. Guess working your way while creating the template relying only on the schema information can be a very frustrating process.

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What is RRDG and how does it relate to RPE?

RRDG stands for Rational Reporting for Document Generation. This is the document generation solution used by Rational tools that want to provide document generation capabilities from their own UI. RRDG does not provide a UI, it is the consumer products that provide that.

Current consumers of RRDG are IBM Rational DOORS 9.3, IBM Focal Point 6.4 and 6.5, IBM Rational Requirements Composer 2.x

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