Document Comparison between configurations or versions or views

With RPE you could generate the documents with the structure and formatting you need. However, if you want to compare contents of two different views from DOORS NG or test plan or test cases across different configuration or version, how would you?

RPE does not have an inbuilt solution for comparing documents. With the help of Microsoft Macro VB script, one could compare two documents to get representation of a third document that contains the differences between the two compared documents, and it is marked by using Track ChangesContinue reading “Document Comparison between configurations or versions or views”


High level comparison between RPE Launcher and the 2.0 Web UI

With the introduction of RPE Web Services 2.0 ( new Web UI) a valid question is how does the new UI compare in terms of capabilities to classic Launcher.

A comparison of the most significant capabilities of the two is listed below including my recommendation for when RPE Launcher is better to use.

NOTE: In terms of supported data sources and output formats the two are identical. 

Web Services
Generate document yes yes
Publish Wizard yes yes
Schedule document yes(1) yes
Built-in asset store yes(1) yes
Built-in document store no yes
Design and configure report yes yes
Report review no yes
Portable reports yes no
Rename data sources
and variables
no yes
Hide/Fixate data sources
and variables
no yes
Use templates, reports and
style-sheets from any location
 yes no
Authentication no yes
Dashboard Integration no yes
DOORS 9 Plug-in yes no
Dynamically referenced
templates in reports
yes no
64 bit support yes yes
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