Configuration Aware Document Generation

RPE 1.3 and above is capable of generating configuration-aware document from CLM environment with Configuration enabled.

My colleagues Sunil and Dragos have put a video that explains document generation from RPE desktop client and RPE Web document builder.

Find documentation related to configuration-aware below.

Setting up data source with config-aware

Discovering OSLC resource for GC Continue reading “Configuration Aware Document Generation”


CLM Global Configuration – Overview of concepts and terminology

Support for configurations is a major capability in CLM 6.0 and the video below provides a very good introduction to the domain. RPE supports performing configuration aware document generation since RPE 1.3 so it can work with configuration enabled 6.0 instances to produce documents for global or local configurations.

The video builds on the concept of a lifecycle project in IBM’s solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) by introducing concepts and terminology introduced in version 6.0 of the IBM Jazz applications. These concepts include baselines, steams, configurations, global configurations, components and other. These capabilities are useful when reusing requirements or components in product variants, in product line engineering, and in everyday project development.