Traceability with DOORS 9 and RQM

Continuing the series of articles on the topic of creating traceability documents I have arrived at an interesting use case:  traceability from DOORS 9 and RQM.


In this article I will describe how to create a document with requirements from DOORS 9 and their associated test cases from RQM.

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Rational DOORS Enlightenment Series

The offers a large number of recorded webinars on DOORS 9 and DOORS Next. To highlight just a few:

  1. Understanding Search, Queries and Views in DOORS Next Generation
  2. Data Migration from DOORS to DOORS NG
  3. Requirements Configuration Management — Product Line Engineering
  4. What’s New for Reporting and Document Generation
    (Supporting in DOORS and DOORS NG)

You can access these and you can register for upcoming sessions on

User Story – RPE and DOORS at BAE

The IBM User Education channel hosts a very good video by David Moran on how RPE was introduced and how it is used at BAE with DOORS 9 with a focus on standardizing the process of producing documents. Thanks David for the video and for pioneering RPE.

Parallel installations of DOORS 9 clients

Setups consisting of a DOORS 9.6.x client and an older DOORS 9 client installed at the same time on the same machine are not supported by DOORS and will prevent document generation.

The problem is that the DOORS 9.6.x client installer does not does not remove the old version so unless you manually uninstall it yourself you will end up with an unsupported setup. Quoting from Upgrading to a new release of Rational DOORS from an earlier release of version 9:

If you are upgrading to Rational DOORS client version 9.6.1 or later, you must uninstall the previous client by using Windows Control Panel Programs and Features.

This is relevant to  RPE as parallel DOORS 9 installations prevent the DOORS COM API from functioning correctly which in turn  prevent RPE from getting data out of running DOORS instances.

The symptoms range from RPE failing to extract the data to run-time errors as described on the RPE devWorks forum here DOORS 9.6 64 Bit run-time error.