DOORS and DOORS Next Generation Enlightenment Series 2016

I’ve received this from Nancy Rundlet and I’d like to share it here. I’m glad to see that at least one of the sessions will cover document generation with RPE.

We are very pleased to announce the DOORS and DOORS Next Generation Enlightenment Series  for April through June 2016.

Each month, the DOORS Next Generation webinars will be held on the 1st Thursday, and DOORS 9.x will be on the 3rd Thursday at  11:00 AM ET (8:00 AM PT).  Details with abstracts and registration links for each of the webinars are in the attached Word Document or you can register by clicking on the registration link below.

The abstracts for the session are provided in the attached document. DOORS Abstracts Q2 2016

Date Webcast series –  Thursday 11:00 ET for approximately 1 hour        DNG on 1st Thursday and DOORS 9.x on 3rd Thursday Speaker Registration Link
3/17/2016 Creating Traceability in DOORS and Beyond – The Various Methods Jim Marsh, IBM Register

4/7/2016 Importing and Exporting with DOORS Next Generation Carlos Ramirez, IBM Register

4/21/2016 An Automated Method for Collecting Metrics Kori Haynes, Crane Aerospace Register

5/5/2016 Exploring Navigation in DOORS Next Generation Ed Gentry, IBM Register

5/19/2016 DOORS 101: An Introduction to DOORS 9.6 Rick Learn, IBM Register

6/2/2016 Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) for Custom Reports Across the Lifecycle (DNG, RQM, and Rhapsody) Don Cunningham, IBM Register

6/16/2016 Customizing DOORS and Web Access to Speed up Reviews and Save Lives Cliff Sadler, Brockwell Technologies (US Army) Register


Test Reporting with IBM Rational DOORS and IBM Rational Quality Manager

A very well written article based on many years of deploying Rational solutions.



Test documentation frequently have a need to report on test artifacts as well as the associated requirements. If test execution fails, one would like to know which requirements are impacted. Generating such documentation using the IBM Rational Publishing Engine in conjunction with IBM Rational Quality Manager and IBM Rational DOORS in a straightforward way leads to a solution that does not scale, nor does it guarantee completion of the report. Failure to generate test documentation in due time may imply failure to meet a project deadline, which in turn may have contractual consequences in the worst case. In this blog I shall briefly present a solution that works well even for large test plans with many traces between IBM Rational Quality Manager test artifacts on the one hand and IBM Rational DOORS requirement (modules) on the other.


Lets set the scene first. Test artifacts such as test plans…

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Dynamic master pages – continued

The example built for New in 1.2.1 – Dynamic Master Pages has been extended to show how to restart the page numbers selectively. In a somewhat related effort in the same context I’ve documented a way to calculate the total number of pages in a Word document. The entire discussion and the examples are available here.