Rational Publishing Engine (v2.0) for Rhapsody – Training

Andy Lapping has published a fantastic training material for using Rational Publishing Engine with Rational Rhapsody on https://ibm.app.box.com/s/w2wti775zkn25uxzh2io7yixkgraz4wi

This is one the best,  if not the best, education material I’ve seen for RPE and Rhapsody and it adds to Andy’s already long list of contributions to RPE. @Andy – thank you so much for all the help.


The training gives an introduction to RPE and continues with basic concepts before elaborating on advanced techniques. Everything is beautify explained and the concepts are introduced incrementally in a way that it is easy to follow and understand.


  1. Overview of Rational Publishing Engine

Basic Techniques

  1. Creating Basic Templates for Rhapsody
  2. Formatting in RPE
  3. Filtering and Conditions
  4. Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
  5. Debugging Templates
  6. Creating Advanced Templates for Rhapsody
  7. RPE in a Jazz Environment
  8. Troubleshooting

Advanced Techniques

  1. Recursing Through Rhapsody Project Structures
  2. Variables and ‘Looking Down the Tree’
  3. Casting
  4. Reporting on Multiple Rhapsody Projects

RPE Enablement – we need your feedback

We keep getting the following message from you, the RPE users: the RPE documentation/enablement is not sufficient.

This is a constant message and one of the reasons for starting this blog and other initiatives the RPE UA and development team are undertaking, such as preparing videos for the new features in our next RPE releases.

There are many things to write about RPE and the new/less known features of RPE are the obvious targets for the next articles. However what the development team might think is less known is not necessarily what end user does so for a more relevant content we need your direct feedback: for what features of RPE would you like to see more enablement material?

Your requests will have as result one or more of the following: posts on this blog, enhancements in the official RPE documentation, requests to the other Rational teams.

I’m looking forward for your answers here as comments so we can discuss them and see what would be of greater interest.