Thank you

RPE 2.1 is a solid, feature rich release and for me it is extra special as it’s the last as the product’s architect. The project is carried on by my team, talented people that put a lot of heart in the work they do.

When I started this project 9 years ago I never expected it will grow into what RPE is today. I’m amazed, grateful and proud to see you rely on the tool I’ve created and learn of the creative ways in which you use RPE to solve a multitude of complex problems.

RPE has been an important part of my life but the time was right for a change so in March I’ve joined the IBM Internet of Things team. I hope this will be as interesting, fun and rewarding as building RPE was.



I, Connie


As a developer and IBMer I am thrilled by this. As a Sci-Fi lover however … I do hope the Watson team has the three laws of robotics built in the Watson core.

Plan Ahead and Act Proficiently for Reporting

Plan Ahead and Act Proficiently for Reporting covers the most important lessons we learned in almost 7 years  of implementing document generation with Rational tools.

Many thanks to Dr. Einar Karlsen for his pioneering work with RPE which  is distilled into this material. Unfortunately  for reasons outside his control Dr. Karlsen will not attend Interconnect this year so I am tasked with sharing this wonderful information alone.

Looking forward to see you on Monday, 22nd of Feb from 12PM.

2092 - Plan Ahead

RPE at ICE IoT 2015

IBM Continuous Engineering for the Internet of Things is taking place these days in Chantilly, Virginia.

The Reporting Team is present with Rational Publishing Engine being represented by our Product Manager, Jared Pulham.  For questions on RPE’s product strategy and demos of RPE please pay Jared a visit at the reporting booth.

Innovate 2014 takeaway

Innovate 2014 was a very intense experience for  me and my colleagues in the RPE team. I’m still digesting all that we’ve seen & learned but one topic seems to stand out from all others: we need more and better documentation on RPE and on using RPE with the various supported point products. Luckily this is an area that we can improve outside formal release cycles and we plan to start right away the jet lag goes away.

Thanks for meeting us at Innovate and stay tuned for more info on document generation with RPE.