Automating DOORS 9 Document Generation with RPE

There are 3 IBM provided ways of producing documents from DOORS 9 using RPE:

  1. RPE Launcher
  2. DOORS Publish Wizard
  3. RRDG based File->Export

NOTE: I have listed only solutions provided by IBM. There are other RPE based solutions provided by IBM partners such as GebsReporting, Baselines Inc, River North Solutions and more.

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RPE Java API example built for 1.2.1

RPE ships with an example for using its Java API. See Using the Java API  for more information on the RPE Java API and how to use it. Since we ship only the source code for the example before using it you need to build the example using the libraries from the %RPE_HOME%\lib folder. For convenience I’m providing a binary version of this example here.

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