[Webinar] Generating Documents in the Rational Publishing Engine: Report Writing Series

A reminder and an update on  RPE Webinars from Ironside. The agenda has been updated as it follows:

  1. What’s New in the Rational Publishing Engine: Enterprise Reporting Series – this presentation has been already given last month so tomorow the IBM and Ironside teams will cover What’s new in the Jazz Reporting Service V6.0: Enterprise Reporting Series
  2. Generating Documents in the Rational Publishing Engine: Report Writing Series – I will demonstrate building templates with RPE

How to embed JRS Charts in RPE Documents

If you have used the JRS 6.0 milestones such as M11 you have probably observed the “Export to Rational Publishing Engine” option in the Export menu.

Export to Rational Publishing Engine allows to:

  1. make the report data available in XML format for RPE to produce a typical document
  2. make the report’s graphic representation available as an image to be used in RPE and elsewhere

This adds to RPE the much needed charting capabilities which until now were achieved using external tools like the Google Charts APIs.


Assuming you already have the JRS report ready the steps to embed it’s graphical representation in an RPE document are the following:

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Jazz Reporting Services workshop

Authored by Rosa Naranjo and Sudhakar Frederick, this workshop is intended to provide insight into the Jazz Reporting Service (JRS) introduced in CLM v5.0 and updated recently in v5.0.2

More here: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/blogs/nfrsblog/entry/Jazz_Reporting_Service_JRS_Workshop?lang=en

As mentioned in previous posts, JRS is a great solution for simplifying and speeding up document generation with RPE so I highly recommend exploring its potential