RPE 6.0.6

RPE 6.0.6 is now generally available. We concentrated on improving template designer experience, enterprise security and the document output formats. Continue reading “RPE 6.0.6”

RPE 6.0.5

RPE 6.0.5 is now generally available. Yes, it is 6.0.5 and not 2.1.x. We aligned our version number with rest of the Continuous Engineering (CE) and Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions.

6.0.5-studio Continue reading “RPE 6.0.5”

RPE 2.1.2

RPE 2.1.2 has been made generally available early this week. With 2.1.2 we focused both on desktop client and on Document Builder (Web client). Some of the interesting ones are

  • Extend the reach with support for JSON format for document generation.
    • Atlassian JIRA is supported in 2.1.2 and we plan to add more in the future
  • Generate comparison document from RPE Studio/Launcher
    • For eg, compare multiple version of requirements, etc
  • Scalability improvements in RPE Document Builder for large document and concurrent document generation
  • Enhanced report permission in RPE Document Builder
    • Set permissions at individual assets level
  • Generate Word and PDF for JRS reports from within JRS
  • Platform support improvements to support MS SQL database, Suse Linux, Edge browser
  • Number of usability improvements
    • Search in schema
    • Zoom in, zoom out studio editor
    • Grouped advanced (runtime) variables in Document Builder
    • JTS RPE role mapping
    • Tag support for Connections
    • Group schedules by tag and report name
  • Find more on what’s new here.


The team has recorded videos of some of the new features/enhancements from the release. These videos have the voice and caption to serve the purpose effectively.

Watch out more details at Jazz dot net RPE blog space.

What’s new in RPE 2.0.1

You can download the latest Rational Publishing Engine version, 2.0.1, from the IBM Passport Advantage.  Alternatively you can use the online repository.

The attached presentation lists the main features and fixes that we’ve introduced in this release which hopefuly are as many incentives for you upgrading your RPE installation.

What's new in RPE 2.0.1

What’s new in RPE 2.0

The RPE 2.0 fix list,  the system requirements and download instructions and more are accessible from the RPE 2.0 Download Document.  More details on what is new in RPE 2.0 are in the new RPE 2.0 Infocenter and will be discussed here as usual.

RPE 2.0 is focused on  usability, reuse and collaboration for the end user with the new Web Web Services being the way we intend to achieve these goals. The RPE 2.0 Web Services can also  simplify the deployment and maintenance of RPE as they provide an alternative to the RPE Thick Clients for generating document.

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