Can RPE work with Product X?

Publishing Engine is supported with a number of IBM products as described in the RPE System Requirements. What this means is that we’ve tested the integration and we will support users running into issues with those products.

However RPE is designed to work with any product that meets the following 3 rules:

  1. the product’s API provides data in XML format
    • it’s preferable that the API is Web based but that is not mandatory as long as you can automate the process of obtaining the XML.
  2. an XML schema exists for the data
    • the XSD can be provided by the API or it can be manually created
  3. RPE can handle the authentication* used to protect the API.
    • RPE currently supports Basic authentication, Form based authentication and the Jazz flavour of OAuth

There are further details like rich text, binary file attachments and more but if the above  conditions are met RPE should be able to at least produce documents with raw data from your product.

So when you don’t see your product on the support page my advice is to give it a try and if you run into any issues raise them on the RPE DevWorks forum.