Use sophisticated formatting for PDF in DNG

If you are using the document generation UI in DNG’s 5.0.x and older to generate PDF documents the default option is to use RRDG’s  so called “performance driver“.  This driver is legacy and has far fewer capabilities than the alternative “sophisticated formatting” driver.

You can read more on the history of the PDF driver  in RRDG and why we kept the legacy driver but at this time there are no reasons to use it except the fringe scenario where you need to create a 20.000 pages data dump in PDF.

Considering the performance and quality of the output produced by the “sophisticated driver” you should always use that driver. This is enforced in DNG 6.0 by making “sophisticated formatting” the default option for the PDF output.



Creating traceability documents with RPE and JRS

If you have ever had to generate a document that contains Requirements, the Test Cases that validate them and the related work items you’ve most likely ended up using (at least) 3 different data sources and you’ve had to use Java Script to switch between APIs.

Aside from a complex design, the performance of the report wasn’t that great as RPE had to crawl over all the data sources to fetch the required data.


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RPE 1.3 Performance – Fast Authentication

RPE introduced the experimental Fast OAuth, a capability that was disabled by default and was limited to OAuth.

RPE 1.3 enables the fast authentication by default and extends it to Form and Basic authentication too. The tests we’ve made show considerable improvements in the time required to generate documents with fast authentication enabled.

What to expect

  1. The performance gain is directly proportional to the number of requests RPE has to make to get the data: the more requests, the bigger the performance gain is.
  2. The performance gain is  inversely proportional to the size of the data returned by each request: the smaller the data, the larger the performance gain is as the % of the time spend to authenticate was also larger.

Test results

Here are some results obtained by our SVT and FVT teams:

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