Incorporating Jazz Reporting Service Reports into Rational Publishing Engine

Incorporating Jazz Reporting Service Reports into Rational Publishing Engine

The Jazz Reporting Service 5.0.1 and newer can be used as data sources to produce document style reports.

Kevin Cornell has put together an article on how to use RPE to generate documents with data returned by JRS queries:
Incorporating Jazz Reporting Service Reports into Rational Publishing Engine

What is JRS

I’m quoting the description from for a quick intro of JRS:

IBM® Jazz Reporting Service is an alternative to the complex reporting capabilities that are available in many Rational® products and solutions. By including Jazz Reporting Service in your integrated lifecycle toolset, you can quickly and easily consolidate data from a variety of data sources across your tools and project areas.

Jazz Reporting Service provides a set of ready-to-use reports that you can use to share information about your lifecycle management projects or you can create new reports. You can also export the report data to Microsoft Excel or integrate the reports with your dashboards.

Example: you can have a JRS query that gives you all the requirements, their associated testcases and defects. This can be exposed as a single data source and simply iterated by RPE, accessing all the desired information without needing any Java Script.

How does it help document generation?

“Live” document generation, that is document generation using the Reportable REST APIs of the point product to get the data, faces a number of problems. The difficulty of these problems increases for documents that have to follow traceability links (inside the same product or cross-domain).

  • performance – multiple requests to the point product take time and can also slow down the server
  • complexity – aggregating the data in the template can be complex and each new domain boundary that the report has to cross makes it more complex.
  • usability – the Reportable REST schemas are not always ideally designed for document generation as they have to serve all types of reporting.

Using JRS queries as data sources instead of the live Reportable REST APIs should allow you to move the data aggregation and collection tasks from RPE to JRS (and the ETL components) which can help with all the above issues:

  • performance – all the data is in the sample place so it can be efficiently retrieved
  • complexity – the data aggregation is done in JRS and you do not need complex Java Script logic in your template.
  • usability– you can design your schema such that it includes only and all the data you need.

NOTE: not all the data that can be accessed through the Reportable REST API is available in JRS. This means that for highly detailed documents you cannot use JRS as the single source of data but even in this scenario JRS can be a valuable solution. For such documents you can use JRS for the frame of the document and the details through the Reportable REST API.


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Updated 2014.11.03

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Advanced hints, tips & tricks for Rational Publishing Engine and friends

Update 2014.10.17 the recording of the webinar is available here.

The GEBS Reporting  webinars series focused on Document Generation and RPE continues on Thu, October the 14th with Episode 5 – Advanced hints, tips & tricks for Rational Publishing Engine and friends. For more details and registration please visit

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The full list of upcoming webinars in 2014 and the recordings of previous sessions are available on The sessions cover 5 domains and they go back as far as 2012:

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Using IBM Rational Publishing Engine to generate compliance documents

Using IBM Rational Publishing Engine to generate compliance documents: Report generation for Rational Quality Manager, introducing REST service URLs, importing schemas, and basic template authoring is the latest IBM DevWorks article Dr. Einar Karlsen has published on document generation with Rational Publishing Engine. Enjoy the read.

Product support content for Rational Publishing Engine

A useful link when troubleshooting RPE is the Product support content for Rational Publishing Engine page which lists all known issues and recent APARs for the product along with workarounds where available.