Easy selection of the report starting point – a Rhapsody example

When running a report the end user must provide a number of inputs. Some cannot be avoided but most can and even better you can replace manual typing with value selection.

A simple scenario is choosing to print the content of a Rhapsody package. You do not know a priori what that package is so you design the template to accept the package name as a variable. To make things very efficient you can use a native filter on the predefined “AllPackages” query as shown below.

Native filter to select the desired package

Now “all” the end user has to do is type the right package name and he’ll get the report he wants.

Manually configuring the variable

But typing is error prone so you need to switch to Rhapsody to make sure you get the right value.  The alternative is to equip the variable with knowledge at design time to allow RPE to assist the user in picking the right value. This is known as the RPE Configuration Layer.

In this example the scope for the packageName variable is the list of package names from the current model and the “knowledge” looks like this:

Configuration metadata at design time

This information enables the end user to use the “Configure using Metadata” action from the context menu of the “packageName” variable and select the package name from the displayed list.

Configuration metadata at runtime

The example template is available for download here.