Draft reports in RPE 2.0

RPE 2.0 report designers have the ability to test and review reports before making them generally available to all end-users.


When a report is created the “Make available for Document Generation” is unchecked by default which makes it visible only to the other designers. These reports are marked by the (draft) word next to their title.

The draft reports allow designers to review&test the  report in the exact conditions the end users will run it  without being concerned with end users inadvertently running an unfinished report.


Once the tests and reviews are complete the designer can make the report public by ticking the check-box.


PDF Table of Contents in RPE 2.0

With the focus on the RPE Web Services 2.0 one interesting feature added in RPE 2.0 might have passed unobserved. This is the improved Table of Contents which now also appears in the PDF’s bookmarks pane.


There are no changes in the template or in the document specifications required to benefit from this feature.

Installing RPE 2.0 – 64 bit Thick Clients

The installation procedure for RPE 2.0 Thick Clients is mostly unchanged from previous versions.  The only notable change is the ability to install 64 bit versions of RPE Launcher and RPE Document Studio for all supported OSes.For more information please consult the Planning the installation section in the RPE Infocenter.

NOTE: for 64 bit Linux only the 64 bit RPE installation is supported.

To install the 64 bit version you need to select the appropriate architecture in the installation wizard.  Your choice is reflected in the architecture column.

RPE 2.0 Installation Wizard

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What’s new in RPE 2.0

The RPE 2.0 fix list,  the system requirements and download instructions and more are accessible from the RPE 2.0 Download Document.  More details on what is new in RPE 2.0 are in the new RPE 2.0 Infocenter and will be discussed here as usual.

RPE 2.0 is focused on  usability, reuse and collaboration for the end user with the new Web Web Services being the way we intend to achieve these goals. The RPE 2.0 Web Services can also  simplify the deployment and maintenance of RPE as they provide an alternative to the RPE Thick Clients for generating document.

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RPE 2.0 WebServices on Bluemix

As part of the RPE 2.0 release we have deployed the GA build of our brand new Web UI on Bluemix:  https://rpe.mybluemix.net/home.

The RPE team invites you to use this RPE deployment to discover the capabilities of RPE 2.0 and voice your opinion on what is in the product and what you’d like to see added. For feedback please use this blog or email at rpe20_beta_support (at) wwpdl.vnet.ibm.com


I recommend you go through the Getting Started Guide  and especially that you use the “Create Examples” from the Design Page. This will give you the assets to immediately use the tool.