Render Test Script Step Description Rich Text (XHTML) with Execution Variables

How to extract and render Test Script Step Description Rich Text (XHTML) with Execution Variables.

Thanks to Jeffrey Babylon for making time to write this article and sharing it with all of us.

Note: The following Test Script Steps below assume your RPE template already retrieves the Test Script or execution result where the steps live. Continue reading “Render Test Script Step Description Rich Text (XHTML) with Execution Variables”

Test Reporting with IBM Rational DOORS and IBM Rational Quality Manager

A very well written article based on many years of deploying Rational solutions.



Test documentation frequently have a need to report on test artifacts as well as the associated requirements. If test execution fails, one would like to know which requirements are impacted. Generating such documentation using the IBM Rational Publishing Engine in conjunction with IBM Rational Quality Manager and IBM Rational DOORS in a straightforward way leads to a solution that does not scale, nor does it guarantee completion of the report. Failure to generate test documentation in due time may imply failure to meet a project deadline, which in turn may have contractual consequences in the worst case. In this blog I shall briefly present a solution that works well even for large test plans with many traces between IBM Rational Quality Manager test artifacts on the one hand and IBM Rational DOORS requirement (modules) on the other.


Lets set the scene first. Test artifacts such as test plans…

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