Creating a Table of Contents with RPE

To create a Table of Contents in RPE you can proceed in two ways:

  1. use the “Table of Contents” element from the RPE Palette.
  2. use an external stylesheet

For option #1 please see Adding a table of contents element in the RPE Infocenter

For option #2 you simply have to create the TOC in your stylesheet and follow the steps outlined in Using external styles from Word stylesheets  to associate the stylesheet with your Word or PDF output.

My recommendation is to use option #2 since  using Microsoft Word to edit the settings of your TOC has the following benefits:

  1. separate the layout of your document from the formatting
  2. a simpler user experience
  3. immediate visual feedback
  4. it is less error prone as the template designer does not need to copy paste the field codes from Word to RPE

Using external styles from Word stylesheets

When designing templates with RPE it is recommended you separate the formatting of the document from the rest of the template.You can define most formatting properties in the template but that makes for a template that is difficult to manage. The better option is to use external styles defined in Word stylesheets.


Using Word stylesheets will make the template simpler to maintain and it will also allow you to change the appearance of the document simply by providing a different stylesheet.

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