Charts in RPE Documents – the Excel OLE way

Expanding the solution described in Charts in RPE Documents – the Excel way it is possible to generate Excel chart and embed them in the RPE output Word document as an OLE object. For PDF a snapshot image of the OLE will be automatically generated by RPE.


This solution has several distinct advantages over the initial image based approach:

  1. the image scales better with the page size
  2. the chart can be further processed
  3. simpler to code and maintain in RPE
  4. greatly improved progress tracking and error information in the RPE console view

The example template and VB Script are available on the RPE devWorks examples wiki page:!/wiki/Rational Publishing Engine/page/Examples

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Charts in RPE Documents – the Excel way

Updated on 2014.08.20, 20:00 EEST

RPE does not have native support for drawing charts so you need an external tool to generate the chart. Google Chart Tools: Image Charts have been used successfully in the past but it has been deprecated by Google in  2012 and it is unknown how it will work past 2015.

There are other online providers or applications that can be installed in LAN to provide a REST API for generating image charts. But these solutions may present security/confidentiality risks or additional effort in installing and maintaining them.

An alternative to this is using Microsoft Excel to create charts as Excel can be fully automated through Visual Basic Script which in turn can be invoked from RPE.


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