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As a developer and IBMer I am thrilled by this. As a Sci-Fi lover however … I do hope the Watson team has the three laws of robotics built in the Watson core.


Bluemix, Watson, DevOps and more

How to build an application with Watson services on IBM Bluemix DevOps Services and deploy it on IBM Bluemix. The example application is up and running at https://um-java-ddc.mybluemix.net/demo.

The application shows how to use Watson services to analyse English text ( 100 words or more) to profile the text’s author. I had a blast comparing the results of texts I wrote 10 years ago with texts I wrote last year.


To familiarize myself with the process I have started from a video tutorial made by Patrick Mueller for an application using the Personality Insights Watson service . You can find the slides for the tutorial here: http://pmuellr.github.io/slides/2015/02-java-intro-with-watson/#1

NOTE: Patrick’s tutorial and code uses the term User Modelling which is the former name of the Personality Insights service. There are also some slight changes in the API URL’s which required an update of the original code.

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SaaC – Software as a Chef?

One thing that stuck in my head after Getting Started With Rational Publishing Engine was Alex Feseto‘s analogy between RPE an a chef: it uses recipes (templates) to turn raw materials (data) into exquisite dishes (documents).

This might become a trend as Watson is doing it too: http://www.bonappetit.com/tag/chef-watson


Image courtesy of GEBS Reporting and GEBS Unison

The slides for this webinar are  here http://gebsreporting.com/webinar-downloads/Webinar-02-Getting-Started-with-Rational-Publishing-Engine-U2.pdf

The recordings of the webinars can be accessed here: http://gebsreporting.com/education/webinars/ and on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/103786116