3 minute videos

We’ve recorded a number of short videos showing how to deploy RPE. They are just long enough to keep you entertained while boiling eggs for breakfast.


How to configure RPE 2.0 to send emails on document completion

RPE 2.0 and RPE 2.0.1 users can receive email notifications when a document generation job completes.

This capability needs to be enabled by the administrator and each user. For both roles the procedure is exceedingly simple.

As a user

You need to enter your email address in the settings page. The user settings are accessed from the menu next to your user name in the top bar of the page.rpe_mail_user_2
: if configured to use JTS for authentication RPE will automatically retrieve your email address associated with your JTS account.


As an administrator

You need to configure RPE to access an email service. This is done by filling the highlighted entries in the image  below.

rpe_mail_settingsThe administrative page is accessed just like the user settings page: from the context menu next to the user name in the top bar. The menu is only available to users that have the administrative role.

Once the mail settings are properly configured an email will be sent to the owner of the document each time a document generation completes (successfully or not). For successful jobs you can access the generated documents immediately using the links from the email.

Advanced configuration

The administrative settings page also contain two properties that allow the administrator to change the content of the email generated by RPE. Please make sure that code is valid HTML and test it in a browser before changing it in the RPE settings.

Getting started with the RPE WebServices 2.0

The easiest way to evaluate the RPE WebServices 2.0 is to use the RPE 2.0 Bluemix Deployment.  The Infocenter Tutorial: Document generation with the web app  provides a guided tour of the new web UI and it’s the concepts.

The recommended first steps when using the Bluemix deployment are listed:

  1. access https://rpe.mybluemix.net/home and login using your preferred social account
  2. from the Design Page click on “Click here to generate the examples”
  3. go to the Generate Page and run on the News Glimpse report
  4. select “BBC News World Feed” and click Generate
  5. once the report is finished (watch our for the notification) download the results archive from the Generate page or go to the View page to access the individual documents and the log information

You can follow-up this by uploading your own templates and creating connections to your own data. Keep in mind that the data URLs must be visible from the Internet.

For any questions and feedback on the new web services please use the IBM support channels as well as this blog and the Dev Works forum.